In this Agreement, the customer is identified as “I”, “me”, or “my” and PORTMAN’S MUSIC, INC is identified as “you”, “yours” and “Portman’s Music”. You guarantee that the instrument described below will be delivered to my child in good playing condition.

1. Instrument information:

2. Monthly rental payment:
The initial period is from the date of delivery of Instrument until another payment is due.
Rental fee:$ + service policy fee:$ (taxes incl)

3. RENTAL PAYMENTS: I agree to rent the Instrument, described above, for the monthly rental payment shown. If I decide to continue to rent the Instrument, I will pay another Rental Payment on or before my next due date, and on or before the same day of each successive month, for each month or part of a month until I return the Instrument to you. I understand that my use of the Instrument for any part of a month constitutes a full month’s use. I further agree to pay you an additional $5.00 as a late fee for each payment not received on or before its due date.

4. CREDIT TOWARD PURCHASE: I may apply up to months of rental payments, that I have paid in a timely manner, toward the purchase of a like performance level Instrument during the term of this Agreement. Payments which are not made within five (5) days of their due date are not considered timely and will not be credited toward any future purchase. If the above student is not successful on this Instrument I may exchange it for a different Instrument at any time during the term of this Agreement. I understand that the Instrument rented to me hereunder is NOT FOR SALE, it is held strictly for rental purposes.

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